Self-Love’s Favourite Home

Do you believe in self-love? Are you practicing daily?
For example, maybe you’re finding yourself taking too much time to answer those simple questions? Either way, you are in the right place. Welcome to your self-love’s favourite home!

You Have Found Self-Loves Favourite Home!  Welcome to Crystal Jenkins Blog!

Welcome To Your Self-Love’s Favourite Home!

Are you constantly fighting a battle with the voices in your head? Then you are just like me and millions of people around the world. Our minds are full of those pesky voices telling us all the wrong things.

“You can’t say that people will think you’re crazy!”

“You will never be able to do that, why even try?

I struggle with this annoying habit, every second of every day and at 40 years old, that is to say, I think it”s time to silence my haters!!

Are you feeling the same? Come join me, we will tackle the voices together! Above all, let’s get our self-love under control and make it a priority!

Crystal Jenkins
Crystal Jenkins

Hi! How is ya?! (a little Newfoundland slang)
I am the web designer-in-training behind this blog. I started this blog to help me with my own self-love journey. Of course, I wanted to share all my new-found knowledge with you. Getting to know yourself can be a little scary but so is anything that is worthwhile!

Self-Love Starts Here

I have divided this blog into 3 main categories. Firstly, they are listed below. Secondly, feel free to click an image below to get started. In addition, each will help you discover something new on your self-love journey.

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Journaling Is An Unstoppable Self-Care Tool

A journal is a powerful tool. Writing daily can help you analyze what is going on in your life and why. Certainly, this is a major step towards an excellent self-love routine and provides valuable information! Likewise, you can discover what you are proud of and what you want to change. There are many types of journals that accomplish multiple tasks all you have to do is pick one and begin! Do you have a specific problem you want to tackle? Scroll through the lists of posts below.

Do you want to start the new year off right? For real this time?

This course has opened my eyes and I am POSITIVE that it will do the same for you so I am giving it away for FREE!

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