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Do you love Pinterest? I have a love/hate relationship with the platform right now. I am doing my best and trying to keep up with all the algorithm changes. In response to the latest, more fresh pins, I have created 10 free Canva templates for you! Well, and me but I’m sharing them with you!

I use Canva to make all the graphics for my blog and social media. The program is easy to use and offers a free and paid version.

The free version is fabulous but I do pay for the pro version because of the brand kit. You can save all your brand colours and fonts which makes it so easy when you are creating pins. Love it!

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10 Free Canva Templates!

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Hi, I’m

Crystal Jenkins

I am a web designer in-training but I also love graphic design!  Since Pinterest brings me most of my traffic, I figured I better put my time in and learn how the platform works.  They are now rewarding fresh pins…so, we will give them what they want!!

If you have any trouble with the templates please, feel free to contact me below.

10 Templates Editable in Canva

For Free!

Like I said above Pinterest is rewarding fresh pins now.

What does that mean exactly?

They are pushing new pins ahead of old pins in your following feed first.

That means that if you are scheduling pins to multiple boards and adding a fresh new pin on the same day, the new pin will get pushed ahead of the old content in your follower’s feeds.

My solution to this problem has been to create multiple pins in Canva and save them as templates to make things simpler.

So I figured if they were helping me, they may do the same for you!

Just fill out the form below and get started right away.

Be sure to have Canva opened up on your phone or computer before you open your templates.

* Make sure you make a copy of the template so you don’t ruin the templates for everyone else! *

Have You Tried Canva?

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Subscribe and receive 10 free Canva templates, access to the Freebies Vault, and more. 

Pin To Your Favourite Pinterest Board

Are you looking for some help making all those fresh pins Pinterest is asking us to make? I have got your back! I am offering 10 Canva Templates for you to use for FREE. Now that we are stuck inside maybe it's a good time to catch up on our graphics for our blogs. Grab these free Canva Templates and get started! #canvatemplates #canva

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