What are the dangers of being too nice? A genuinely decent or ‘nice’ person has always been a blessing to those they come in contact with. It’s an admirable quality that anybody would wish to have more access to, especially to balance the hate that can sometimes seem to be predominant in our everyday lives.

Every day we are bombarded with terrible news on our social media feeds. People have never been more divided in what they believe in and are consistently trying to prove themselves right, sometimes reaching a point of violence.

The world could really make use of some altruism and genuine kindness right now. Unfortunately, the truth is, we would simply live better if there were more good-hearted people around.


I have caught myself in this trap from time to time especially when starting a new job and trying to fit in with the crowd. I always end up feeling taken advantage of in the long run.

When you’re a good and decent person who is simply too nice to everyone around them, it can often bring you more harm than good.

For example:

  1. There are always other people who will take advantage of your good nature.
  2. When these ‘nice’ behaviors are manifested for the wrong reasons, it can be an unhealthy barrier to your self-growth.
Being too nice can definitely have hidden dangers. Everyone loves the nice guy but how does the nice guy feel?

4 risks and hidden dangers of being too nice.

A growing resentment that you are unable to express.

Being too available to others and overly generous of yourself and your time can impact your self-worth and confidence. While you’re busy attending to everyone else’s needs, you have most likely forgotten your own, or given them a lower priority.

This may cause you to experience feelings of resentment towards situations and the people around you. But as an overly nice person, you will probably be unlikely to express how you feel. Why? Because you’re afraid to rock the boat! This is a very unhealthy cycle you may find it difficult to get out of. As a result, your self-esteem can and will suffer.

You can probably attract the wrong type of people into your life.

Certain people will come into your life only when they need and want something. They will do this knowing they can easily benefit from you without you expecting anything in return. We all know this is a sad situation to be in. Unfortunately, it happens all the time and is one of the many dangers of being too nice. The result? You end up attracting people who don’t have your best interests at heart.


Dangers of being too nice: people will never trust and respect you.

For most people, trust and respect are not freely given but must be earned. Sometimes, if you give away your trust without them earning it, they will take advantage of you. These so-called friends can then disappoint you and disrespect you.

They know that won’t be a problem because you’re too nice even to get mad. In the end, they will keep disrespecting you due to your lack of boundaries. When you are a person who trusts others easily, this can be hard to understand and painful.

You develop unrealistic expectations of others.

Being a naturally nice person can make us a little naive because we may naturally believe that other people have the same regard for our welfare as we would for theirs. The truth is, it does not always work that way.

Sometimes, you will need to be very transparent at communicating your expectations to make some relationships work. If not, you’ll just end up resenting someone because you didn’t make your needs clear.

One of the worst dangers of being too nice: people will take advantage of you.

People are people, and even though they may not always have bad intentions at first, many are nevertheless opportunistic. They can easily take you for granted if you do not assert yourself enough. Worse, they’ll take advantage of you because you’re too nice and may even use it against you.

For a person who sees the best in others, it can seem unfair when your ‘niceness’ is taken advantage of, rejected, or used against you. Sadly, this happens to the best of people with good intentions regularly.

In Conclusion

Just a little piece of advice from me to you, before you give yourself so generously to others, make sure you practice self-love first. Being a nice person with a genuine concern for the welfare of others is a very admirable trait. Although it also requires a degree of strength. Always be your best self to others, but don’t blindly expect it in return.

The number one thing to take away from this post would be to always remember to respect and love yourself. When you do, you will naturally develop some boundaries for people to respect. Then maybe, being a nice person will ACTUALLY make you happy!

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There are many hidden dangers to being too nice.  It is great to be a nice person but sometimes being too nice causes problems. This post will help you to recognize the dangers.

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