True joy is a feeling. To discover it though, you have to face the fear that’s keeping you paralyzed. This post is going to give you the tools to escape your fears and move past them. I hope!

Fear:  The 1 thing standing in your way
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” Only when we are no longer afraid do we start to live.”

Dorothy Thompson

Did you know residing in fear keeps us from taking the risks needed to gain what we really desire? It keeps us from discovering real joy. So why do we stay there? Why do we put ourselves through something when we know what we are doing is wrong?

Let’s picture what our reality may be: You’re dreaming of taking a trip to the beach, sitting on the sand watching the sunset. Instead of taking the steps to go, you feel afraid. What if the house gets broken into while I’m gone? Will the dog be ok? Can I get enough time off work?

Now imagine this: you are sitting on the beach enjoying the sundown as waves lap the sand and you indulge in the sunshine. A book lays on your lap as you lose yourself in the idea of how terrific you feel at this moment. That could be you! Worry-free and relaxed, completely in the moment!

There are 4 common fears that we all face at some point during our lives.  This post will help you work through your fears and help you accomplish your goals.  Let's face our fear together!

How can you live a life free of fear and be truly happy?

When we have worries, we feel anxiety. Due to the fact that people naturally expect the worst-case scenario, facing our fears and getting out of our comfort zone is hard. Also, our brains naturally send us negative information because they are trying to keep us safe. Which in turn keeps us in that state of mind with little to no effort from us.

If that’s the case, it’s time to get familiar with your fears and find ways to work through them. Am I right?

Here are 4 common fears and ways to help you deal with them.

Fear of not being good enough.

You can overcome this fear by starting small with things you understand you can accomplish.

Instead of taking the steps to go, you feel fear. To discover what “it” is you have to deal with the worries keeping you paralyzed. Take steps necessary to do this by writing in a journal. That way you have everything on paper and you can truly see what is going on. Then take small steps to change.

Fear of failure.

This is a typical fear, frequently originating from our youth. Fear of failing a test, for example, causes the sensation of being evaluated or embarrassed. In reality, if we are not working toward a goal we are sabotaging our own success. Overcome this by trying not to worry about the outcome and only concentrating on the steps you need to take to reach your goal. I have a course that may help you can sign up below.

Everyone has worries. It’s typical. It’s how we respond to them that makes the distinction in how we feel. You might find yourself weighed down with too much fear that it’s stopping you from being genuinely happy. It’s time to get familiar with your worries and find ways to work through them if that’s the case. Again, I seriously recommend writing in a journal.

Fear of success.

This fear stems from several worries: fear of change, responsibility, attention, being vulnerable and many others. The best way to conquer this fear is to focus on one action at a time while moving forward. Learn to build habits and routines that will help you concentrate on one step at a time.


Fear of being rejected.

This fear stems from a response to our natural need for belonging. To conquer this fear put yourself out there, reminding yourself that the best people will react to you favorably. Remember the only opinion that matters is your opinion of yourself. Self-love, baby!


To overcome your fears you need to understand why you have them and then work on facing them so you can live a life of real happiness.

We all have fears of some kind. They may appear rational to us however appear illogical to others. To overcome your worries you need to comprehend why you have them and then work on facing them so you can live a life of real happiness.

Don’t forget, get yourself a nice journal and a comfy place to sit and write. Start working on a new you!

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Everyone has fears of some sort, that's a part of being human.  How you react to them is another thing!  This post will help you address your fear and work through it.  Do you have fears?

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