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Crystal Jenkins Author behind Crystal Jenkins Blog


I'm Crystal, a Wife, Beagle Mom and Blogger

Hello, I’m the web designer in-training behind this blog. I started this blog to help me on my self-love journey.  Of course, I wanted to share all my new skills with you!  Getting to know yourself can be a little scary but you’re not alone-now you have me!

My Self-Love Journey

Keeping a schedule and holding myself accountable to the goals I have set for myself has always been a problem for me. I don’t know why. I have all the good intentions in the world to succeed but procrastination and excuses are my king and queen!

Just writing this has caused me to have complete anxiety. Who wants to talk about themselves? I hope I am not discouraging you. Just know that every day is always a good day and any step you make towards your own self-love journey is a step towards your future.

My Core Values

Through self-love and of course, self-care, we can learn what we need in our lives to be happy.

Giving ourselves time to release our stress, even for just 10 minutes a day, will have amazing results.

Writing in a journal everyday can give you the opportunity to analyze your life.

Building habits and routines are the keys to success and counquering your goals.

What I Believe

If you really put in the effort to work on yourself, the you that you always dreamed you wanted to be will appear!

"An empty tank will take you exactly nowhere. Take time to refuel"

How Can I help you?

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