If you have come here wondering how to achieve your goals like a pro and finally accomplish something this year, then I have your answers! I have done the research and am in the process of testing the tips and tricks I have listed below. I’m excited! Let’s take out our paper and pen and get to the good stuff!

How To Achieve Your Goals Like A Pro!
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How To Achieve Your Goals Easily

Action steps

No goal is achieved without this step. It is vital you get out of your head and into your heart and then into action. Without small, measurable action steps, your success remains nothing but a story.

Small steps and bite-size pieces

It is important not to get too excited and take on too many goals at the same time. Stick with one goal, one set of actionable and measurable bite-size pieces.

Having an accountability partner

There’s nothing like a best friend. He or she tells you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it. Mine is my hubby. Having an accountability partner is one of the best ways to keep yourself in line and in check. There’s no greater or worse feeling than having to tell somebody you did or did not do something you were supposed to.

Holding yourself accountable

Check-in with yourself every once in a while. Make certain you ask yourself the hard questions and tell yourself the truth about why you didn’t do something. Don’t make yourself wrong. Allow yourself to feel what you feel and then take the necessary action step to correct it. Keep practicing.

Be self-disciplined

Learn how to be self-disciplined. Understand it takes practice and don’t beat yourself up. Just keep practicing. The more you practice self-discipline, the more easily it will come to you.

Talk to yourself

In order to achieve success in all areas of your life, it’s important to watch the self-talk. The better you talk to yourself, the better you’ll feel. Picture it this way – would you talk to your best friend the way you speak to yourself sometimes? Often times, the answer is no. Be kind to yourself in words.

Master your goals like a boss!  This post will show you how to tackle your goals and create habits that keep the momentum going. If you want to learn how to achieve your goals I have all kinds of tips and tricks.  You will be crossing goals off your list in no time!

How To Keep Up The Momentum

Once you’ve got these skills, habits, and mindsets in order, it’s time to keep up the momentum. And that can be the hardest part!

The biggest mistake, when it comes to momentum, is that people start too big and fall short. Allow enthusiasm and passion to fuel your momentum rather than let all the action take responsibility for keeping up the momentum. Nothing fuels momentum more than excitement.

Learn how to incorporate momentum in your daily life so it doesn’t overwhelm you. Find something every day toward your goal that makes you feel excited. When you are excited, you create your own momentum.

Create a plan – once you have the underlying feelings, you’ll begin to notice momentum building up speed, however, you need to reign in that momentum otherwise you might get overzealous. When learning how to achieve your goals, you may find yourself veering off into several other ideas and creative endeavors. Don’t let that happen! Create a plan of action as to where that momentum will carry you so it doesn’t carry you away.

Believe in yourself – above and beyond all things, believing in yourself is key.

For some extra help have a look at the post on self-sabotaging-behavior.

Tune out the voices and opinions of others. Yours is the only one that matters right now!

Failure is Your New Best Friend

  • Why the fear of failure is actually more damaging than failure itself – once you get over your biggest fear and actually experience it, you will see it’s not the big elephant in the room you once thought it was.
  • Understand the definition of failure – failure is not taking action, not taking chances and not taking risks.

The Reward System

How to create a reward system that works for you:

  • Keep a journal – every time you have a success write it down.
  • Keep a journal – every time you have a failure look at your journal and see exactly what you are made of and where you can change a habit.
  • Whenever you reach a small goal, boast about it.
  • Tell others about it – don’t allow them to put you down or minimize.
  • Allow yourself to treat yourself every time you achieve a goal – it doesn’t have to be big, but something that will make a connection in your brain that achieving goals reaps rewards.

How to Train Your Brain

  • Play a new record – train your brain to have positive associations with things like money or work.
  • Choose which emotion you want to associate success with – is it fear of failure or is it joy, happiness, and fulfillment?
  • Pay attention to your thoughts – you have the power of choice.
  • Recreate your thoughts – you can change your thoughts at any time.
  • Change your thoughts to more positive ones.
Have you ever tried visualization to manifest your goals?  This post will show you how to visualize your goal and conquer it!  I know it may sound a loopy but trust me it works!  Why not give it a try!  I'm sure you have plans?  Why not start the process?  I will show you how to achieve your goals with a plan in mind!

The Art of Visualizing and Manifesting

  • Allowing the problem to sit for a while – when you think about a problem for too long it becomes bigger and more unmanageable
  • Journal the problem.
  • Let go of finding a solution the quicker you let go of finding a solution it pops into your mind – did you ever look for something and can’t find it and then the minute you stop looking, you find it? Same concept.
  • Pick an uplifting vibe and stick with it – get enthusiastic about how excited you are your dream will come true.
  • Before you do this step, however, you must know your goal, and name it.
  • Be enthusiastic about your specific goal.
  • Think about the end and not how you will get there and you will begin to manifest at the speed of light.
  • Visualize daily, especially out in nature or in the shower. Notice more positive things than negative. Face your fears in small doses then let them go as you realize you survived each and everything you were afraid of.

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  • Try many different forms of meditation until you find the right one.
  • Meditate at night so you reset your subconscious brain. Let the meditation play as you fall asleep. Your subconscious will pick it up.
  • Too many people try to meditate in the morning, but their busy bee minds are already on the go and it’s not as effective.
  • Stop holding your breath – check in with your breath throughout the day, notice how tight your stomach is – let your stomach relax.
  • The center of the body is the stomach – it’s your gut and your gut doesn’t let you down – how are you taking care of your gut? Are you eating right, hydrating, relaxing, working hard and then taking a break? Are you checking in with your intuition to feel your way through and getting out of your head?
  • When it comes to meditation, get out of your head …practice present moment techniques, journal it and burn it if you choose to do this and practice, practice, practice.

Want to learn how to meditate? Check out the meditation series.

Are you wondering how to create habits that are successful? Do you need someone to show you how to achieve your goals?  This post will help you to build habits that turn into routines so you can conquer your goals.

How To Achieve Your Goals By Creating Success Habits

  • No setting unachievable goals
  • Small steps/one new habit at a time until that one is in place
  • Celebrate success both personally and with others.
  • Take a look at habits and what hasn’t worked so you can figure out a new strategy for what does.
  • Write your strategy down and carry it with you – use an app if necessary. Technology works wonders toward achieving goals.
  • Make a decision, if it doesn’t work simply make a new one – don’t beat yourself up.
  • Always be in action and in momentum don’t sit in analyzing for too long. Keep moving.
  • Delegate.
  • Learn how to say no.
  • Kick procrastination to the curb. Reward yourself for every goal achieved no matter how small, especially for the small ones.
  • Write it all down, put it away and revisit it – you’d be surprised at how much you achieved.
  • Write it all down and the steps you will take to achieve each new habit.


I hope you have learned something from this post. Hopefully, now you know how to achieve your goals easily and with purpose. You most certainly can retrain your brain. It just takes practice.

The more you practice, the easier it will become. With these tips, practices, and goal-setting techniques, you’ll be on your way to crushing your goals.

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