I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed today and I was bombarded with pins promising results from a new self-care challenge.  This has been a popular topic lately and I have to say that I love it!  It has inspired me to show you how to make the best self-care routine for yourself.

How To Make The Best Self-Care Routine
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Are you curious about what self-care really is?  I want to help you understand the importance of a great self-care routine and how it can tremendously improve your life.  Are you excited? Let’s dive in!

Learn how to make the best self-care routine for you!  Self-care is so important.  We have to learn to take care of ourselves so we can give our best to our family and friends.  This post will show you how to develop the best self-care routine for you.

Before I go any farther I guess it would be best to give you the clinical definition of self-care. Psychology Today defines self-care as:

Self care in essence is the mindful taking of time to pay attention to you, not in a narcissistic way, but in a way that ensures that you are being cared for by you. 

Now that you have the dictionary meaning, let me tell you how I define self-care.  I believe self-care consists of all the steps that you feel are important to you in order for you to feel your 100%.

And you may not know what those steps are just yet!

Discover What Type Of Self-Care You Enjoy

Let me explain a little bit before we get deeper into this post.

I love to get a nice bath in the night before I go to bed.  I have noticed that I feel completely relaxed after a good bath with lots of lavender bubble bath.  My body feels like jelly when I come out. And maybe a little more wrinkled! My point is because I took the time to really notice how I feel when I take a bath in this way, I have added it to my night-time routine and I now fall asleep a lot faster.

The point I am trying to make is for you to truly take notice of how you feel during the regular tasks of your day.  Do any of these things make you feel different than others?  

Maybe you love a good girls night- take what you love about that night and try to implement it into a routine for yourself.  

For example, perhaps you love how you and the girls talk about what happened during the week and you like how that gets the week’s problems off your chest.  Why not take that idea and start a journal. Every night before bed you can vent to your journal.

Do you enjoy a relaxing cup of tea while scrolling through Facebook?  I suggest keeping the tea and substitute a journal or a great book!

Download this worksheet to help discover your self-care essentials.  By doing so it will help you develop your self -care routine.

Download Your Self-Care Worksheet

Before we get into the list of self-care essentials you should download the self-care worksheet above so you can follow along.  

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How To Find Out What Your Self Care Essentials Are

Take stock of your daily routines and notice how each makes you feel.  Write down the ones that make you feel amazing. For example, nail day with the girls, taking the dog for a walk, when the kids finally go to sleep!  You get the idea!

These are the things we are going to analyze to make your self-care routine and your list of self-care essentials.

Everyone is different therefore everyone’s list will be different.

My List Of Self-Care Essentials

To help you understand let me show you my list but first, these are my favourite things to do during my weekly routine.

  • walking the dog
  • binge-watching YouTube
  • going to Tim Horton’s for my French Vanilla Cappuccino
  • playing my game on my phone
  • taking a bubble bath
  • doing a nice face mask
  • painting my nails

Now that you have picked the activities that bring you the most joy throughout your week its time to discover your self-care essentials. These are mine to give you some inspiration.

  • a comfortable pair of sneakers
  • yoga mat
  • puzzle or a puzzle book
  • face masks or facial scrub
  • nail polish, nail polish remover, cotton balls
  • bubble bath, bath salts, bath bombs
  • tea, coffee, and french vanilla cappuccino
  • bag of chips and some trail mix

So, there you have it! This process is quite simple but incredibly beneficial. Do you see what I did there?

I took my list of fun things and from there I made another list of items that I could use to implement similar activities at home alone.

For example, I love Tim Horton’s, so I have some Tim’s coffee added to my list. I actually own a branded coffee mug too. The mug may not be necessary but I enjoy having it and that’s the whole point of self-care. I get to relish in that relaxing feeling that I get at the coffee shop at home!

Walking the dog is my favourite time of the day. Obviously, the dog still gets his walk but I have a comfy pair of sneakers and a yoga mat to do some exercises at home. Again, that way I still exercise and I really love getting my heart rate going! It’s not about substituting it’s about finding a way to incorporate similar tasks in your day that make you feel great. Of course, I still enjoy taking the dog for a walk!

I hope I made it easy for you to understand and follow along. Now all you have to do is make time for yourself in your busy schedule.

Did You Learn How To Make The Best Self Care Routine For You?

Making time for yourself isn’t easy especially when you likely have a multitude of responsibilities throughout your week. I urge you to try. Even if you limit it to one day a week or one hour a week. As long as there is a specific time for you, just you. No one will receive the best “you” when there isn’t enough “you” to give. So please make that time!

In Conclusion

I hope you have learned how to make the best self-care routine for yourself. Don’t forget to download your worksheet if you didn’t already. Write down your favorite tasks throughout your week and discover your essentials to make the best self-care routine for you!

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