I am going to show you how to set intentions to fix your life! Setting intentions, no matter what they are, can truly transform your whole life. You will not only find you have direction, but you will also feel empowered and driven towards acting on your intentions. This isn’t always as easy as one may think, and it’s important to make sure that they will lead you to that better life!

Before you go any further, I suggest you download the worksheet I have made especially for this post. You can grab it below. I have made it fillable online, so no need to have a printer.

How to set intentions to fix your life.

What is the difference between a goal and an intention?

A goal is usually focused on the future while an intention is on the present. Don’t forget a goal is something that we are hoping to achieve. An intention is a choice we make in how we live or act each day. For example, it’s a choice we are making that could have nothing to do with achieving a goal.


This Is How To Set Intentions In 3 Easy Steps

Grab A Piece Of Paper And Write Down Your Intentions

I am sure you’ve heard it time and time again, but people who write down their goals ARE 40% more likely to achieve them. So even if you already have some in mind, set aside a moment and jot them down on paper. Once you can physically see them written down, ask yourself which ones are in support of a better you. This is how to set intentions that are exactly what you want to pursue with the most priority.

If there isn’t a few goals on your list that work on self-improvement, add some. Perhaps, think of a quality you want to change about yourself or even a mistake you may want to correct.

For example, if you are procrastinating on a regular basis, maybe this is something you want to stop doing. Either way, think of at least one specific self-improvement goal and make sure it’s on your list. You’ll be surprised how even a small goal can really change your life for the better.

Here is a few I have set in the past:

  1. I intend to stop procrastinating.
  2. I will help others in any way I can.
  3. I intend to read at least 1 book a month.

All you have to do is remember, don’t use I am going to statements or I want to… These statements will never get you anywhere! Why? Because you are setting yourself up for failure. Your mind only hears the words “I am going” or “want to.” These are someday words. They don’t work.

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Learn How To Set Intentions That Are Good For You

First of all, when you are writing down your intentions, make sure you are writing them for you specifically. Some people write intentions with other people in mind, of course, there is nothing wrong with that. Although you have to remember, you only have the power to act intentionally in your own life, not in the lives of others.

If your intentions do involve others, just make sure when you write them down, you write them from your point of view. That way they will be achievable even if other people don’t quite do what you want. Come on now, you know what people are like!

Here is an example:

I intend to treat Bill with the respect I expect to be treated.

Maybe Bill has been rude to you at work and you would love for him to change his ways, use your words to make that happen!

Second of all, when you are writing your intentions, they are for your eyes only. So no need to write them in any fancy handwriting, or hide them away so no one can find them. Just write them in a way that resonates with you and make sure they are somewhere that you will be able to see them. Don’t forget that you’re more likely to set intentions for your life when you write them in a way that is just for you and you alone.

Make Sure To Learn Which Intentions Make Your Life Better

I for sure recommend that you write down your goals on a daily basis whenever possible. This is because it keeps the intentions you wish to complete fresh on your mind, we need that! Remember to add your short and long-term goals so that you are keeping yourself on the right path.

Don’t worry, if you’re having trouble thinking of some long-term goals, think about your job. Are you happy where you are now in your career? Are you making the money you deserve? How is your home? Is it the home of your dreams?

I know at least one answer to these questions will be something you want to change! If so, use it in your daily list of goals or intentions. And please don’t forget to use this list to make small intentional moves towards your big goal each and every day.!

In Conclusion

Guys, I know it can be difficult to learn how to set intentions. Especially, when you are trying to ensure you are setting the right ones for you. So, when you do start to write them down, take a minute to think, add, and maybe even subtract from your list, as you consider which ones will help you become the best version of YOU!

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