Are you wondering how to use Tailwind for Pinterest? If you are a blogger or business owner you are sure to have heard the buzz around Pinterest. Did you know that behind all those famous blogger’s Pinterest success is likely a little program called Tailwind? This post will show you how to use the platform to boost your views on Pinterest. This should hopefully, in turn, reflect an increase in clicks to your site!

Are you Interested in Tailwind for your blog or business?  This post will show you all the benefits of Tailwind.  If you are using Pinterest for your blog than Tailwind will set you up for success!
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Tailwind changed my Pinterest strategy in just 30 days! 

Tailwind is an explosive scheduling tool that will optimize your Pinterest platform for your business or blog.  It has helped me go from 23k impressions on Pinterest to 189k in just over 1 month! All from scheduling 15-20 pins/day.

Throughout this post, I want to show you how Tailwind changed my Pinterest strategy for the better.

If you want to try Tailwind for yourself they offer a free month to new subscribers. You can pin up to 100 pins for free.

Tailwind has so many great features to help you with your blog.  Tailwind will skyrocket your Pinterest views.  This will in turn result in link clicks to your blog.  Use this tool to schedule pins to your Pinterest account and see what Tailwind can do for you.

Tailwind Has Many Tools Available For Your Blog

Tailwind is a Pinterest approved scheduling tool. What does that mean? It means that Tailwind and Pinterest are working hand in hand to help both platforms work together seamlessly. Therefore, you will never get penalized for using Tailwind for your Pinterest marketing.

Do you use Tailwind for Pinterest in your Marketing?  Tailwind is a scheduling tool and Pinterest recommends it for its users.  Tailwind Tribes are one of my favourite features.  They work similar to group boards.  This list will help you track what you have pinned to your tribes.  You can add your pin or your board or both.  And track the days that you pinned.

Tailwind Tribes

Not only does Tailwind schedule pins for you, but they also have Tailwind Tribes. These work a lot like group boards on Pinterest.  Tribes can help you tremendously. By pinning your pins to their Pinterest boards you will have the opportunity to go viral with a pin quicker.

Download the Tailwind Tribes Tracker and track when you pin to your new tribes.

If you want to try Tailwind Tribes for yourself, you can start a free trial. The free trial will give you 5 Tribes for free.

I have two Tailwind Tribes I’d love to have you. Both are pretty new but do not let that scare you from joining! A new trend I have been noticing around Tailwind Tribes lately is small niche tribes.

All Things Self-Love

All Things Self-Love

Blogging Buddies

Blogging Buddies

Smart Scheduler

Tailwind uses a scheduling system that posts your pins to Pinterest at the best time for exposure to your followers.  This is awesome because your followers will be on the platform at those times and can engage with your pins!  This means more opportunities for a pin to go viral.


One of my favourite features of Tailwind is its SmartLoop tool.  This allows you to pin your seasonal content in a set it a forget it fashion.  You can add your Christmas pins so that they only post from October to December.  Or you could use it the way I do and pin evergreen content to your group boards only. It’s really up to you.

Tailwind and Pinterest work hand in hand together like a beautiful marriage!  Did I forget to mention that Pinterest recommends Tailwind to its users? They do!  They also work together when one releases updates the other follows suit. This happened recently on their latest update.

As I discussed in my post on Pinterest, the recent update finally gave us a little insight into their algorithm.  They incentified us to produce more content on a regular basis and upload it to the platform. New content will be pushed ahead of old repinned content on Pinterest.  We already had an idea that was going to happen although nice to hear it from the source.


SmartGuide is a new feature that Tailwind recently launched in response to Pinterest’s latest updates.

This feature is an excellent addition. SmartGuide will:

  • monitor the pins that you are pinning to your account
  • let you know if you are pinning too much of the same content too often
  • help you to understand if you are spamming Pinterest with too many of the same pins or pinning too often
  • suggest fixes to maintain a healthy queue of pins

Within the next couple of months, new features will include

  • keeping you up to date with the latest Pinterest updates
  • giving advice on how to fix your Pinterest

Informative Video On Pinterest’s Latest Updates

Anastasia is one of my go-to bloggers for Pinterest and Tailwind updates. This video is so good I had to share it with you guys. She goes into great detail about the latest Pinterest updates.

Board Lists

Board lists are the best time savers, in my opinion. All you have to do is save all your similar boards into one list. That way you are only looking for one board name instead of several. Such a time saver!

Schedule Pins Like A Pro In 10 Minutes!

Watch the video tutorial below and learn exactly how to use Tailwind for Pinterest and schedule pins like a pro in 10 minutes! Once you learn all the basics you will be on your way in no time. The program is so easy to use, you really do not need to be tech-savvy to understand it, I promise.

Great Video That Shows Exactly How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest

How I Use Tailwind For My Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Install Tailwind’s Google Chrome Extension

The one tool that is saving me the most time in my schedule is the Google Chrome Extension. This tool is awesome! When you are on Pinterest or any blog or website online just hit the Tailwind extension and all the pinnable images pop up for you to schedule. Wicked!

When To Schedule Your Pins

Every Sunday and Wednesday I sit down and schedule my pins to Tailwind. I have scheduled them all on a Sunday in the past but I since switched it up when I began creating more pins for my posts. I now have more content prepared during the week so I want to schedule them to my boards as well. This is why I added another day during the week to schedule my new pins.


I hope that I have given you enough information on Tailwind and all its amazing features. Although, do you know something? I never even mentioned it’s in-depth analytics! They have a tremendous amount of information available to you, from the best-performing pins to best performing boards. If you hook up your Google Analytics you can also gain valuable website analytics.

Easily try Tailwind for yourself! They offer a free month to new subscribers. You can pin up to 100 pins for free.

My best advice would be for you to try the program and play around with it. I find the best way to learn is to try it for yourself. Then you can see all Tailwind’s amazing features up close and personal.

Use the Tailwind Tribes Tracker and keep track of what you are pinning where.

If you have any questions all you have to do is comment down below and I will do my best to help.

Don’t Forget To Join My Tailwind Tribes

Blogging Buddies

Blogging Buddies

All Things Self-Love

All Things Self-Love

Pin To Your Favourite Pinterest Board!

Tailwind Skyrocketed My Pinterest Traffic and it can do the same for your blog!  This post will show you all the amazing things Tailwind has to offer.  From Tailwind Tribes to the new Smartguide.  Tailwind has so many features to assist you in your Pinterest strategy.  Come check them out here.
Tailwind has so many awesome features throughout its platform.  This post will describe the top 5.  Come check out the post to learn about Tailwind Tribes, Smart Scheduler, and Board Lists!  Plus so much more!

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