Do you want some journaling tips to achieve goals? A journal can help you achieve your goals because it will force you to think about them. It will also help to consider the why and how and dive deeper into the goal so that you can examine all sides of it. By doing this you will have a greater chance of reaching your goals and that’s exactly why you are here, right?

In this post, we are going to look at some of the many ways a journal will help you reach your goals. Whatever they may be!

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8 Simple Journaling Tips To Achieve Goals Consistently
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Before we begin, first of all, what is a journal?

A journal is a written record of your thoughts, experiences, and observations

Secondly, what is a goal?

goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envision, plan and commit to achieving.[1] People endeavour to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines.
Journaling will help with achieving your goals in so many ways.  This post will show you in so many ways.  When you write in your journal your are able to see your goals on paper, that's when the magic can begin!

8 Journaling Tips To Achieve Your Goals

Journaling forces you to write down your goals.

When you start a journal, it basically is a way for you to document your goals.  Whether you write them down on paper or use technology to get it all down; it doesn’t matter.  Once they’re written, they are ready to tackle. 

A journal will make you consider why and how?

As you write into your journal, you’ll be forced to consider the why and how of your goal.  This is especially true if you write down a goal and focus on it in your journal. You can do this by breaking each goal into smaller actionable goals.

It enables you to examine the opportunities and threats. 

When you are focused on goal making with your journal, you’ll also explore opportunities and threats coming your way due to your goals. An example of an opportunity could be a way to speed up a goal, maybe a job offer. A threat could be a lack of employment or knowledge. Journaling will help you to avoid those roadblocks in advance.

Journaling makes you develop steps for success based on your goals.

When you see your goals written down, it’s easier to notice and pull out any steps you have previously developed in your journal. You can then put them in your calendar for scheduling. This will help you accomplish your goals quickly.

It helps you improve goal setting and achievement.

Whenever you intentionally set a goal, define steps to achieve the goals, and perform them, you are setting yourself up for being able to improve your skills. It is so much easier to improve yourself when you have a plan that is broken down.

A journal will help provide accountability. 

Even if no one else is reading your journal, a private journal can help you become accountable to yourself. If you develop the habit of reading or writing in your journal each day, it’ll work great for helping you become more accountable.

It provides a permanent record. 

Having a permanent record of the things you’ve done in your life, whether it’s personal or work, is a beautiful thing. Hardly anyone has a perfect memory, so you’ll maintain the lessons learned better with the record to look back at.

Journaling can be inspirational.

Depending on the journal, you might even be able to take the information inside and compile it into a real book for others to read to inspire them. You may also use the steps you’ve taken to reach your success and turn it into a course to inspire someone else.


I hope you found some inspiration with these journaling tips to achieve goals. These tips will even help you make better goals. If you go through each tip and implement them in your journaling process, it will cause you to see your goals in a more logical way that is more useful.

If you would like some help with developing a journaling routine you can check out this post.

I would love to hear if you are using journaling to help with your goals! Let me know down below. It will help with your accountability!

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Wanna reach your goals?  Journaling will help you reach your goals easily.  This post will show you how to use a simple journal to help achieve any goal you may have for yourself.
Reaching your goals always seems near impossible but, I want to help! During the time we have home now, why not try and tackle a few? This post has 8 very simple journaling tips to help you achieve your goals easily all the time! #journaltips

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