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How Meditation can get you your Heart’s Desire

How meditation can get you your heart's desire
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Meditation Benefits

Meditation benefits are endless! The list is so long, really, but I will give you a few. Anything you desire in life can be yours! Meditation can help you with everything, from your health to your heart’s desire! Make it a part of your daily routine and the results will show.

If you need a little more background on meditation, check out my previous post, The Power of Meditation.

Meditation Decreases Anxiety

Guys, this is my favorite benefit! Are you one of the people that have what is known as “fight or flight” syndrome? Their gut instincts tell them they are in danger when they are really not. I experience this all the time!

The fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. It was first described by Walter Bradford Cannon. Wikipedia


Meditation can help ease anxiety which can cause this syndrome. Anything that means I do not need to take a pill is everything to me! If you need to know the science behind the benefits I will try to explain because I had to learn myself!

There’s a neural pathway which leads to the part of our brains which we need to determine whether or not we are in real, imminent danger. For some, those connections are so strong they feel they are in danger when they are not.

When beginning the practice of meditating, this connection can be diminished, however, this is not a bad thing! This is a plus. The brain has many parts and the part that assesses meditating can be strengthened while the irrational fear pathway is weakened.

This is a win/win situation. Do not be afraid when you start to “let go”.

Meditation Can Allow You to Become More Emphatic

Probably the most needed meditation benefit – compassion! When meditating, the part of the brain that is responsible for showing more compassion is activated. Scientific studies show that compassion and empathy are more active when someone meditates. How cool is that!

Having more compassion is never a bad thing. The world could definitely benefit from some empathic people!

Meditation can be done anywhere

Another Meditation Benefit. It Can Increase Focus

Can you guys see the crazy meditation benefits already? I’m convinced! I always wanted to start and now I have so many benefits to choose from. Guess what? Focus is another one!

It makes sense that meditation can increase focus because when you meditate, you are focused on the “now”. Present moment awareness trains the brain to stay focused.

One of the biggest bonuses and benefits of meditation is to help you choose your focus and to pull your thoughts back to present moment reality. How often do you catch yourself having a “busy brain” and feel as though you are not able to reel it back in?

Meditation can help with that.

Not only does meditation help you to regain a sense of the present moment while you are meditating, but it also helps you to keep focused long after you are finished. This is where the major meditation benefits could happen!

10 meditation benefits that will make you want to try

Meditation Improves Memory

If you have ever walked into another room and wondered why the heck you went in there, maybe give meditating a try! It can give your memory a boost. Meditation activates a certain part of the brain which helps to decrease distractions and increase memory recall. Look at that, meditation benefits are endless!

So, the next time you walk into a room, you might just remember why you went in there in the first place.

Meditation Benefits are Endless! It also Unlocks Creativity!

Have you ever gotten stuck on creating a new idea or had the experience of writer’s block? This happens to me. I usually take a few deep breaths and try to relax. A form of being mindful, I did know that until I researched this post! You may wish to take up meditation yourself and try to release those creative juices. Ithas a way of unlocking and unleashing creative potential.

As everyone knows, in just about any job scenario, creativity is a useful asset. Whether you are a sales and marketing manager, a writer or blogger, a little creativity goes a long way!

Meditation can be so relaxing

Meditation Helps You Alleviate Stress Better

When stress arises, are you are faced with the “fight or flight” sensation we talked about earlier? You either need to take “flight” and run away to protect yourself or you need to stay and “fight”. Neither of these responses promotes peace and healing.

When you take on the daily practice of meditating, you will have the ability to alleviate stress more. However, and more importantly, you will also have the tools to alleviate stress with more ease and grace. Meditating daily doesn’t only serve you “in the moment”. It serves you throughout your day, week and life!

Meditation Can Make You Smile More

People who meditate are shown to be more positive and upbeat. Meditation has a way to calm and soothe the mind. When your mind is calm, your spirit is bound to follow. The mind-body connection is a powerful bond. Imagine your friends asking, “what are you doing, girl?”

When you have a calm mind, you are more focused and can, therefore, be more successful. If you have a mind full of clutter, it’s difficult to focus at work. When you have clarity, you have momentum which leads to success. If you are less stressed, you are more focused. More focus equals success! Everyone can benefit from a little stress relief!

Helping You to Increase Brain Function is Another Excellent Meditation Benefit.

Can you believe meditation is like exercise for your brain? While it may not be a muscle, but rather an organ, it does act as a muscle. The more you use it, the better it can be. The meditation benefits never stop! It has many ways of increasing your brain’s ability to function better.

There are a host of neurological benefits to the brain from meditating. It was once thought that only a region or two of the brain was positively impacted. New studies are now beginning to show many areas of the brain are positively affected!

The improvements are not just temporary either – they are long-lasting effects!

Can Meditation Slow Down the Aging Process?

Ladies! You may have heard about these amazing meditation benefits. It just may help you look younger! It is all about the science.

The length of telomeres in your brain can determine the length of your life. When it comes down to it, the less stress and anxiety, the less disease and the longer your life. Am I right?

A telomere is a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at each end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration or from fusion with neighboring chromosomes. Its name is derived from the Greek nouns telos “end” and merοs “part”.


Now scientific studies and research are showing that the more a person meditates, the more it benefits in keeping aging at bay. It stands to reason that if meditation keeps illnesses at a decreased level, longevity will increase.

A reduced response to stress can help people lead a happier, healthier, and longer life.


The Last Meditation Benefit is Improving Sleep.

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people take sleep aids in order to assist them in getting a decent night’s sleep? These people suffer greatly from insomnia. No matter what they do it seems they keep tossing and turning and sleep just won’t come to them. This is me! You wake up in the morning feeling groggy and irritated, not to mention that without proper sleep it’s easy to get rundown or even sick.

You know what I am going to tell you, right? Another meditation benefit is about to come! Meditation can help improve the quality of your sleep and make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

What are the benefits of a good night’s rest?

  • Lot’s of sleep can lead to greater productivity
  • More sleep equals more focus
  • When you are more focused, success isn’t far away!

While these are some of the benefits of a good night’s sleep, it’s important to explore which techniques to use and what they are. What types of meditation can help you find the rest you wish you could have?

How meditation can get you your heart's desire.  Yes it is true!  The meditation benefits are endless!

3 ways to incorporate meditation into your nightly routine so you can experience a more blissful sleep.

1. Practice the art of meditative breathing

Meditative breathing slows the body and mind. This is conducive to a good night’s rest. What this means, it slows the activity in your brain so you can prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep!

Breathing in through your nostrils and exhaling through your mouth is a good way to alleviate stress, let it all go, and slow down your body’s rhythm. Slowing your body and mind down before bed is integral to getting a good night’s rest. More importantly, it is a great way to wake up feeling refreshed rather than groggy and craving more sleep.

2. Affirmations

It helps to use a releasing affirmation when you prepare to go to sleep at night. It works wonders to mix your deep breathing along with your affirmations. Make sure they are releasing affirmations. Choose whatever works for you; for example, “I release all that did not serve me today.”

Affirmations in New Thought and New Age terminology refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.”


3. Visualization

Visualizing along with deep breathing and the use of affirmations are a powerful trio. Using them to help achieve the life you wish doesn’t make you ungrateful, it just leads you to a place where you accelerate the momentum to where you want to be.

Now that you have all the information, you have no excuses! Go ahead and give meditation a chance. I certainly am. There is nothing to lose!

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