I began to understand the power of self-love in my thirties but it really began to sink in for me when I turned 40. It was then that I think I had a mini mid-life crisis! I learned that if you don’t take care of yourself before anything and everything else all aspects of your life slowly begin to fall apart.

Crystal Jenkins
Crystal Jenkins

Hi! How is ya?! (a little Newfoundland slang)
I am the web designer-in-training behind this blog. I started this blog to help me with my own self-love journey. Of course, I wanted to share all my new-found knowledge with you. Getting to know yourself can be a little scary but so is anything that is worthwhile!

My Self-Love Journey

Keeping a schedule and holding myself accountable to the goals I have set for myself has always been a problem for me. I don’t know why. I have all the good intentions in the world to succeed but procrastination and excuses are my king and queen!

Just writing this has caused me to have complete anxiety. Who wants to talk about themselves? I hope I am not discouraging you. Just know that every day is always a good day and any step you make towards your own self-love journey is a step towards your future.

My siblings and I. How a Newfoundlander takes a picture!!!!

So what have I done to benefit my self-love journey?

Every little step you take to rid yourself of toxic relationships or a nasty job that you hate will strengthen your soul. This I promise you. I took these steps this past year and it has felt amazing and I feel lighter! I am a little poorer, my circle is smaller but I feel rich. Figure that out!

Have you ever had a dream that your life was different? I urge you to take the steps to make that dream a reality. We only have a little time on this earth, don’t waste it keeping everyone else in your life happy while you are in your own head saying, “what if.”

I am offering a 10-day email course for free to my smart subscribers. This course is titled Self-Doubt; Be Gone! This course will help you to get out of your own way and stop making excuses to better your life. It will set you up for all the challenges you will face while beginning your own self-love journey. Fill out the form below and start your bright new future and make those dreams a reality!


Your Next Steps

Now that you have the knowledge that you have gained from the course you have just taken I hope you are excited about your future. Don’t stop there! Work towards your goals and never quit!

Start a journal and track your goals and progress.

Journaling has many benefits. In order to see any progress from it though, you have to be consistent. I have many posts that will help you, I will list them below.

Learn to meditate.

I realize meditation isn’t for everyone but let me tell you if you give this practice a chance you will not regret it. You will become a much more centered and grounded person able to tackle any task! I will link my meditation posts below.


I hope you take the time to concentrate on yourself, I know it’s hard but I think I made it a little easier for you and I promise to keep working on more quality content to get you on your self-love journey easier.


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