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Once a week, I’m planning on Tuesdays, I’ll send out an email about my upcoming blog posts and any ongoing launches.  If I have any special promotion I’ll sneek another email in on a Sunday! 

Who Loves Planners?

When you sign up as a thank you for being awesome I’m going to send you my Social Media Planners.   These are perfect for organizing your tweets, pins, and posts.  I use them daily and they are really helping me sort my thoughts and plan out my brand across all platforms.

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Freebies Vault

I have locked away my best content into a vault just for you – my biggest fans! Do you want the key? Inside you will find printables, pdfs, courses, ebooks and Canva templates! All free for you to download!

Why lock away my BEST content? My wish is to develop a community of like minded people that are passionate about starting their own online businesses, no matter the niche!

I would love for the community to be engaged and open. Let me know what you need help with! I WANT to help! We all want to succeed and I feel the most accomplished when I assist you in reaching your goals. For real! 💜

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Blogging for Bosses

I’ve decided to start a Pinterest group board called Blogging for Bosses!  It’s open to every niche.  As new bloggers join I will add new subcategories as needed.  I want to help everyone gain exposure and I would love to build a community that helps each other.

Pinterest has a new feature called Communities It’s very similar to a Facebook Group. So, because I want to create an engaged place for my followers to share information and ask questions, I am working on the Blogging for Bosses community. I’m extremely excited about this!

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Follow me on Pinterest, send me a private message and I will add you to the group board.

Can’t wait to get to know you – I know we will be buds!!

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney
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