Our personal growth habits have always been important. Although, this year I feel it has never been more so. After the year we had last year, this year should be our best yet! The question is, what can we do to improve our individual growth? Well, I can help you figure that out. Plus, I’m a little excited talking about the topic!

Personal growth habits for 2021

This year, I have been on my own personal growth journey. So I can tell you a thing or two about a thing or two! That is to say, becoming a more dedicated person is hard. Seriously! I never had children, so I feel I am still a kid at heart, I am 41 by the way. Of course, this has made taking life crazy difficult at times. All the adult responsibilities! However, I have decided this year will be my year. How has your personal growth journey been this year? Why not, make a pledge with me in the comments below, will 2021 be your year?

What does personal growth mean?

Ok, let’s begin by defining personal growth. But first, I know the term alone sounds kinda taboo! I assure you it’s no big deal. That is to say, personal growth refers to any activity, practice, ritual, or observance done with the express purpose of enhancing one’s quality of life. As a result, such activities, practices, rituals, and observances aid in the process of getting to know oneself more deeply and help improve awareness of one’s place in the world.

How to improve your personal growth

We all know that there are endless examples of personal growth habits out there. And of course, they can all help you get closer to some sort of feeling of achievement. But, for the sake of this article, we are going to concentrate on five specific habits to help you get started on the journey.

We all have a lot of habits, but do you have personal growth habits?  Let's get you started down an amazing journey of change for the better!  #selfcare

5 Awesome personal growth habits


Yet again, I know meditation is a little silly to some people, but please, give it a try. That is to say, if you take the time to reflect on yourself, you are essentially leading to personal growth. So, what I mean is this. Self-reflection, which often involves meditation, helps you to gain critical awareness about yourself and your progress in life. When you take the time to examine your own thoughts and feelings, you can gain precious insight into what is working. Of course, you will also learn what is helping you get ahead in life and what is preventing you from reaching your goals.

By the way, I also have a few helpful posts on meditation to get you started if you want to. Of course, I recommend you give it a try. Grab yourself a cute cushion to get started. Or you can also, simply just sit back on the couch and turn on a guided meditation. You will definitely start to look forward to it!


Goal Setting

Setting goals is another simple way to work towards personal growth. Goals give you a solid target to work towards, I love that. Especially the feeling you get when you cross one out on your piece of paper! You KNOW what I mean? When you are creating your goals make sure they are smart. Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Have you heard that term before? You can find more information in the box below, I’ll have it linked there.

This is a helpful post on smart goal setting!

The SMART goal system improves your chances of personal growth. For example, by creating guidelines for you to work within and ways to determine if you’re off track, you can reset and refocus. So, having a system can help!

Develop a Routine

Routines are extremely valuable to adopt on your personal growth journey because they develop structure and consistency. These are two things that are essential to making personal progress. Also, when you set up a routine, you learn how to develop discipline. As a result, you also learn to stay focused as you work towards your goals.


Guys, you must have an open mind if you are going to pursue personal growth. For instance, open-mindedness will help you to see other perspectives, embrace other ideas, and become more flexible and understanding.

Of course, these are valuable benefits that you can apply to your life as you work towards goals, problem-solve, and interact with others. On the opposite side of the spectrum, being closed-minded leads you to pass judgment and jump to conclusions, for example. Two things that can be harmful to you, others, and the achievement of your goals. But, by learning to be more open-minded you expand the possibilities for yourself and enhance learning and knowledge.

This is a helpful post on getting out of your comfort zone!

Challenge Yourself

Everybody knows that challenges can be uncomfortable in general, but also very beneficial when we are trying to grow. If you want to challenge yourself try taking risks or tackle a task you wouldn’t normally try. For example, this allows you to face your fears and build resilience. You will also, learn to embrace difficulties and adapt to change. But most important, you will bounce back from hardships with confidencey! Not only that, but you can also develop new skills, learn new information, create more opportunities, and develop self-esteem by overcoming the challenges you face. Sign me up!

In Conclusion

Each of the habits I mentioned above can lead to personal growth when you practice them regularly. Like I said before, there are so many more that you can try. You should never stop growing and becoming a more complete person! Of course, personal growth habits are just the beginning. So, have a look at the related posts below for some more help!

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Let's get your personal growth on the go in 2021!  We all need to grow as humans.  This year is probably a good year to start.  Check out this post for some easy personal growth habits. #habits #selfcare

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