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How to Pick your Brand Colours

How to Start a Blog Series
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Now that you have your web host, it is time for my favorite part – picking you brand colours! This is the fourth part of the Start a Blog Series.

In case you are catching up on this series, you can start from the beginning here.

How to pick your theme

Where to Find your New WordPress Theme

Before we get into deciding on your brand colours, you must first decide on a theme. If you are working on WordPress, there are plenty of themes in their customizer to choose from. I recommend the Adelle Free theme from Bluchic or the theme I use now, Agama Blue. Both of these have multiple different widgets available to customize your web page. I have a post completely dedicated to Bluchic if you want to have a closer look! Feminine WordPress Themes.

If you can afford to spend a little money on your theme, Studiopress also offers premium WordPress themes for your blog. These themes are built on the Genesis Framework.

Envision how you want you blog to look

When deciding on a theme, picture what you want it to look like. For example, do you want a sidebar or a footer? A hero image or related posts widget? How about a “pin it” button? Some themes will not support certain features. Be sure to test out its features before you publish. Make sure it’s responsive on all platforms. And do not forget there are multiple plugins available.

How to Pick your Brand Colours 1
How to pick your brand colours

And now for the fourth (well, I guess you could say fifth) post in the series, How to Pick your Brand Colours. You have your theme, now you want to think about how you are going to style it. Not only that, you need to think about your brand. What do you want to project out into the world?

Who is your ideal client? First, think about what they would be drawn to. Then, what are your competitors doing? Try and brand yourself so that you stand out from the crowd.

How to Pick your Brand Colours 2

I have changed my logo a few times since I started my blog. I felt like my blog looked like everyone else. Can’t have that! Now, “she” is bright and cheery – like me!

There are a few little secrets that I have learned, thus far and guess what? Here they are just for you, guys!

How to Pick your Brand Colours 3

There are necessary places to use brand colours

Colours will set a mood for your blog. If you are going for happy and excited, like me I suggest using a palette that reflects such a feeling.

Bold, cheerful tones put me in an awesome mood so, I chose purples, pink, green, blue and yellow, in bright and bold pigments. I want my visitors to be uplifted and motivated when they come to my blog!

If you need a little inspiration, here is a site that can help.

Colourlovers has all the tools you need to find the perfect palette for your brand. If you go to the Tools menu on the website you will find several different apps to do everything from creating your own palette to pulling colours from a photo!

Where to add your new brand colours

Now that you have decided on a palette, where do you place your brand colours? Everywhere you can!

Start off with your theme. After you install, head into the appearance tab on the left of your dashboard and click on theme. Add your new brand hex codes to your site identity, header and footer and any other settings your theme allows!

Your blog graphics are crying out for your brand colours!

Graphics inside each post and page of your blog should reflect your brand as well. Every visitor needs to recognize where they are – without looking at the search bar! Decorate all your posts, pages, header, footer and sidebar, with your brand colours.

To fully introduce your business to the world, you must distribute your new brand colours across all your social media channels. And of course, Pinterest! Fill your feeds with high quality graphics and pins incorporating your new look. Your followers will love to have eye catching images to share!

Use stock photos with your brand colours

Have you heard of IvoryMix? I use their stock photos for my blog and social media channels. If you are not skilled in the photograpy department, I suggest checking out Kayla’s site. She has hundreds of beautifully styled photos to suit any brand or niche. You can purchase a monthly membership or you can sign up for her newsletter and receive a couple for free each month.

In order to make those Pinterest pins go viral, it certainly helps to have high quality images or bold, easy to read, font. Bright reds and pinks really help to catch your potential customer’s eye. Try using a bright shade when you pick brand colours. I love to use Canva to style all the graphics I use for my blog. Give them a try. The platform is great for a design newbie!

Download the Brand Your Blog worksheet and design your brand vision now! Plus an extra bonus for my favorite people!

I hoped I helped you to pick your brand colours. At the least, make sure to incorporate some of these ideas into your thought process. What I am trying to say is, do not conforme to the masses. Develop your own brand identity and keep your ideal client in mind!

Look out for the final post in the series, How to Pick your Font.

And don’t forget to download your free worksheet!

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