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How to Pick your Font

How to Start a Blog Series
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Wow! You made it! This is the final post in the Start a Blog series, How to Pick your Font. In this post I will suggest a few different sites to help you find some eye popping fonts for your new blog. Some even offer free downloadable fonts!

Before we go any farther, if you missed any posts in this series, if you start off here, you will catch up!

How to Pick your Font

Pick your font

Did you pick some vibrant colours for your new blog? Now that you have your brand vision, lets find some pretty fonts!

It’s the final post of the series, congratulations! How about we start off with explaining where you need to place your font. There are three different places to apply your new fonts to your blog theme. Let me explain.

You need to decide on a couple of different fonts for your site.

How to change the font in WordPress|fonts|free fonts|free downloadable fonts

Where to place your font

When you enter the Appearance tab on the lefthand side of your dashboard, click Customize. From there, click Site Identity, then Typography. Here you will be able to choose your font for the site identity of your blog. This will be the name of your blog shown at the top of your website.

WordPress has a list of fonts available. If you scroll through and choose one, the change will be displayed for you so you can see what it looks like. Just do not hit Publish!

Just a note…

The header of your website contains your site name and tagline, add your font there first. Make sure to pick a font that is easy to read, probably not a script font.

If you chose to upload a picture of your logo or a picture for your header, you will not see this font appear at the top of your page, depending on your theme.

Don’t forget the body of your text

The next place to add your font style is in the body of your text. You can do this in your theme’s Customizer, also. Click General then Body. After deciding on a font double check that the size of the font is easy to see. When I picked my font the size that they automatically choose was so tiny. I increased it to 24!

After the “Body of the text font” is added, scroll down and click Navigations. From there you can choose the font for the top navigation bar of your website. (And choose the colour.)


Add your font to all your branding

Once you have everything taken care of on the backend of your site, then the fun begins!

You also have to add your new brand colour and font to all your social media. Do not be discouraged if you cannot find the same font, just choose the closest one.

I use Canva to make all my graphics for my blog and social media. If you upgrade to Canva for Work you can save all your brand colours and fonts. It’s a great feature!

The video below will give you all kinds of info about choosing font pairings. It’s from the crew over at Haute Stock. You should definitely check them out, they have gorgeous stock photos for your blog! And their YouTube channel is full of informative videos!

Free downloadable fonts

If you would like a few sites that offer free downloadable fonts, I have a couple that I use frequently.

Fontbundles offer different free downloadable fonts every week. Make sure you check all the legal stuff! Some people may not want you to use them in marketing materials, etc.

Creative Market is my favorite! Not only do they have fonts but they have graphics and icons also! They also offer four free items each week!

Where to find free fonts|fonts|free downloadable fonts|free fonts

A little kickstart for your brand!

If you fill out the form below I’ll send you two templates to use in your new branding. You can add your new colours and font! Start showing off your designing skills! Each template is editable in Canva.

How to Pick your Font 1

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