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You can save time on pin design with 30 Pinterest templates designed in Canva! A day’s marketing done for you!
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Pin design is not fun, am I right? I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest right now but of course, I need the platform to market my blog. I am constantly doing my best and trying to keep up with all the algorithm changes. Are you doing the same?

In response to the latest, more fresh pins, I used my favorite pin design program, Canva, and started creating. I made 30 pin templates. Pinterest recommends you pin at least 30 pins a day. I did this for myself but I’m sharing them with you!

Too Much…? How about $7.50?

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30 Canva templates for you!

I use Canva, the BEST design program, to make all the graphics for my blog and social media. The program is easy to use and offers a free and paid version.

The free version is fabulous and you can get along fine with it but I do pay for the pro version mainly because of the brand kit. You can save all your brand logos, colors, and fonts which makes it so easy when you are creating pins. Such an awesome feature! Pin design for the win! And now thanks to one of the latest updates they even have a scheduler!

Want 30 Canva templates all ready for your day's worth of pinning on Pinterest?

If You’re Running A Website You Need These Templates!

Fill out these templates with your heading, graphics, colors, and the website name and you are ready for a day’s worth of pinning! Just imagine how much time you will save! I will tell you-HOURS!

Hi, I’m

Crystal Jenkins

I am a web designer in-training but I also love graphic design!  Since Pinterest brings me most of my traffic, I figured I better put my time in and learn how the platform works.  They are now rewarding fresh pins…so, we will give them what they want!!

If you have any trouble with the templates please, feel free to contact me below.

A quick glance at what’s included. As you can see, that’s a lot of templates!

All your pin design for Pinterest taken care of!

Pin Design Made Easy! 30 Templates Editable in Canva!

For $15! No. Wait. I said $7.50!

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Like I said above Pinterest is rewarding fresh pins now.

What does that mean exactly?

They are pushing new pins ahead of old pins in your following feed first.

That means that if you are scheduling pins to multiple boards and adding a fresh new pin on the same day, the new pin will get pushed ahead of the old content in your follower’s feeds.

Fresh Content! But I Hate Pin Design!

My solution to this problem of fresh pins has been to create multiple pins in Canva and save them as templates to make things simpler.

So I figured if they were helping me, they may do the same for you!

Just fill out the form below and get started right away.

Be sure to have Canva opened up on your phone or computer before you open your templates.

* Make sure you make a copy of the template so you don’t ruin the templates for everyone else! *

Have A Look At A Few Pin Designs Included When You Buy…It’s A Lot!

*some of the template has been cut off in the above images

Get Your Hands On These Templates And Save Time With Pin Design!

Once you download Canva (and you purchase these templates yourself at the remarkable introductory price of $7.50) and spend time on the platform, you will be a pro in no time! You will be able to take these 30 templates and play around with them and design your own. Before you know it these 30 templates turn into 60 and 90! Do you understand? Just make a duplicate of the template you are working on and play around with the design. Add different elements, images, and fonts. You get it?

Add your new designs in the Canva Scheduler and you can have your marketing taken care of while you work on the things you actually like!

Have You Tried Canva?

Click the button below to grab Canva for yourself, if you do I receive 1 Canva credit and so do you!

*You can use Canva Credits to purchase different images and elements inside of Canva.

To some all this greatness up. For a limited time, you will receive 30 Canva templates to use on Pinterest for all your business marketing at the low, low price of $7.50!

That’s 50% off the already low price of $15!

Plus once you purchase Canva Pro, because of all the awesome features, you can use the resize button and double your content!

What do I mean?

You can resize the template and make it suitable for Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook just to name a few!

*You don’t really need Canva Pro, if you know the dimensions you need for the image just plug them in before you begin. When you hit the “Create button”.

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Have I Convinced You?

For $0.25 a pin, you can’t go wrong! How much is your time worth? This deal will NOT last long.

Subscribe to Crystal Jenkins Blog and receive even MORE help with pin design!

Grab a copy of these 10 free Canva templates for your use today!

Subscribe and receive 10 Canva templates (that means if you purchase our deal you will have 40!), access to the Freebies Vault, and more. 

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Are you looking for help with your pin design for Pinterest?  Maybe I can help.
Pin design may not be your best skill but I can help you out.  I have  created 30 pin templates in Canva for you!  Tackle one thing on your to-do list today!

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