Do you love pink dresses? I think they are so feminine and can make a statement on Valentine’s day! A good soft pink dress looks good in the summer or winter. Also, I especially love pairing it with grey. But, back to the task at hand- Valentine’s day dresses. Everyone loves the shade red for V-day but let’s not forget pink! This gorgeous colour looks exceptional on any number of skin tones and can flatter all body shapes.

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Special Valentine’s Day Plans

Are you going anywhere special this Valentine’s day? I know most places have restrictions right now but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something special. Maybe my husband and I will have an intimate night in. Although, that doesn’t mean that I will not dress up. You must keep the spark alive in a relationship!

I am a big fan of online shopping although, living on a little island in Canada makes it difficult to access the big name brand stores. Being a Newfoundlander, on the other hand, I have to find a way to have what I am looking for(we are a stubborn people!). And I did.

The Pink Dresses Of Your Dreams

The solution that I have found for my fashion woes is a little online store. Have you ever heard of Shein? It is an online retailer that sells stylish clothes for very budget-friendly prices. They have stuff for the whole family, accessories included. For the sake of this post, I have only shown you dresses but you should really browse through their whole site. Grab a cup of tea and plan to fill your cart! Are you in Canada? Shop SHEIN Canada. If you are curious I have picked out some of the dresses that caught my eye. You may have to scroll to see the complete dress and price info.

24 Pretty Pink Dresses From Shein

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Shein's Site Has Great Deals

Did you see any pink dresses that would look fabulous on you? If you didn't please don't trust my judgment- have a look at the site yourself. By the way, I have yet to log onto Shein's website and not get a pop-up with some sort of savings code. The site always has a deal going on. This makes me very happy! The clothes are already priced low so any extra deal is a bonus.

Shein will give you free shipping on orders over $65 CAN which is reasonable. You can buy so many dresses if you want to reach that total. There are also opportunities to save money. For instance, you can save an extra 10% on orders over $40 CAN and an extra $19 off orders over $130. Oh, and returns are free!

Full disclosure- some items may come with a few loose threads and possibly thinner material than you were maybe expecting. I would suggest reading the reviews before hitting the pay now button. Remember these items are not overly expensive so the quality will reflect that sometimes. So try to stick to highly reviewed pieces.

If Pink Dresses Aren't Your Style...

I do realize that pink is not everyone's style. I say this because I do have options for you. Please check out my post, 5 Sizzling Hot Outfits to Wow Him on Valentine's Day. There you will find a selection of red dresses that are amazing and all under $100. Of course, you can always stay on Shein's site and shop through their selection!

Your Next Step

Now that you have your cute dress you may be thinking about a gift for your man. This post will give you 10 different Valentine's Day gift ideas, some are silly, some are cute but I promise he will love them all if he loves you!

Comment Down Below

Are you planning anything for Valentine's day this year? Let me know down below. I'd love some ideas for a romantic night in.

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Pretty in pink this Valentine's Day!  Looking for a gorgeous dress for V-Day?  I have got your back for less than $50.  Come check out these cute dresses from Shein.  I love pretty, pink dresses.
Looking for a head-turning dress this Valentine's Day?  I have found 24 gorgeous dresses from Shein all under $50!

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