Even when you know how important self-care is to your wellbeing, it isn’t always easy to incorporate it into your daily routine. In fact, did you know many people fail when it comes to taking care of themselves?

This past year has been a tough one for many and it’s looking like we have a bit of a long road ahead of us still. For this reason, taking care of yourself should be your number one priority. If we don’t focus on our own health and wellbeing, how can we be strong for our family and friends?

I don’t understand why some people have such an issue with the terms self-care and self-love. Some men feel it’s a woman’s thing, some women feel it’s for people that have a lot of time on their hands, or a woman with no kids. And some people will even say its completely a waste of time all together!

Is self-care a little taboo? Find out for yourself!

Is self-care a little taboo?

Here, we’ll look at why people generally fail when it comes to self-care and the main things holding them back.

It is often perceived as selfish

One of the main reasons people fail to take care of themselves is because they feel it is selfish. It could be that you feel guilty when you take time to focus on yourself. Or, you may worry about what other people think, or that you are a terrible parent for not focusing solely on your children’s needs.

It is a total myth that self-care is selfish. In fact, it can help you to be a better parent, friend, spouse, and relative. The more you take care of yourself, the easier you’ll find it to take care of others. You’ll also show your children the importance of such.

Teaching them to take care of their own needs is a crucial life skill that’s going to help them to grow up to be happier adults.


It requires effort

There is no getting away from the fact that self-care does take some level of effort in the beginning. When you aren’t used to making it a priority, you’re going to need to make quite a few changes to your routine.

Coming up with a self-care plan can feel like a chore, making it easy to put it off. However, there are ways to reduce the effort. For example, focusing on one thing you want to improve at a time can really help. Perhaps you’d like to start working out more? Scheduling time to exercise as soon as you wake up, for example, can be a great start. Or, if you’re looking to drink more water, focus on that goal first.

If you break down your self-care tasks, it makes them much easier, reducing a lot of the effort involved.

Self-care means exercise. Gross!

Every one of us is different, which means we enjoy and dislike different things. When you initially look at examples of self-care, you’ll find a lot of them relate to things like reading a book or taking a hot bubble bath. These types of activities aren’t for everyone so they might feel self-care really isn’t for them.

Self-care isn’t just bubble baths, yoga, and meditation. It is anything that relaxes and takes care of you. So, if you find going for a run is a more effective way of feeling good, that would be classed as a self-care task.

If you find one approach isn’t working, try something else. Self-love should be personal to your own needs.

If you are looking for some help creating your own routine; I have a post that helps with just that. Check it out here, how to make the best self-care routine.


These are the most common reasons people fail to take good care of themselves. It can be difficult to overcome the initial barriers to self-care. However, once you fully understand what and how important it is, you’ll find it much easier to stick to a routine. Don’t forget to check out all the posts I have on self-love, there is a lot of great information to help you on your journey to a new you!


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Self-care.  Is it still a thing?  Why do people have such negative opinions about taking care of themselves?  Let's look at some reasons why.

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