Silly Valentine’s gifts are a fun way to show your love for that special someone this year! Make them laugh, hopefully, or at least they will know you think about them! All these items are easily found on Amazon or give them a click and you will be led there. Quick disclaimer as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

10 Silly Valentine's Day Gifts For Someone With A Funnybone!
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Silly Valentine’s Gifts

If the person you’re buying the gifts for has a sense of humour but a little mushy than you’ll love these two. The book has cute passages inside and you fill in the blank spaces. You can be as silly or loveable as you want. The second gift is self-explanatory! Poop toilet paper with hearts. Enough said. I have to buy it! Both of these are under $20. Have a look for yourself by clicking the images.

Make Them Smile

Before you scroll any farther I would like to make another disclaimer. I do not think all men are assholes as it may seem from the gifts I have listed below. I just see how someone else might find it funny.

The first is a couple of ringing bells. They have a couple of cute messages on them. “Ring for a Kiss” and “Ring for Sex.” The second is an awesome keyring that has the best message, I won’t repeat it!

Click the images below to have a closer look!

Let Them Know They Are Loved At All Times

Everyone uses a mug so you really can’t go wrong here. The first can be used for hot or cold beverages and comes with straws so that’s a bonus! You might sense a theme with the saying on the mug, again it’s funny! The second is more for home or work it they are proud! The lower message says “yes she bought me this mug!” I love it. Zoom in by clicking on the picture.

Creative Couples Gifts (well, if they share with you!)

I call these silly valentine’s gifts, first of all, because the card on the beer box is a bit mushy. The pun is hilarious though. Gift box, by the way, does not include the beer. It comes with different boxes for different occasions. You can make the gift of beer more fun! Matching couples anything is always a little silly but if they wear it you know they love you! These ring necklaces are great for a man or woman. The inside is engraved with “I love you.”

To see more details on each gift, click on the picture.

A Few Silly Valentine’s Gifts For The Body-Display It Proud!

What do you think so far? They are definitely silly gifts but I think it’s all about the delivery. Put a bit of thought into it and make it fun and I’m sure the reaction will be priceless!

So the underwear down below can be personalized. That is awesome, tell me they wouldn’t laugh! The second is Valentine’s hearts with cute sayings, also awesome!

Are You Going On a Date On Valentine’s Day?

Do you have a special night planned for Valentine’s day? I have the perfect dress for under $100, actually found 5 and I tried to find styles to suit all shapes and sizes. I think they are hot! Have a look here or click the link below. If you don’t have time you can click over and pin the image for later. Thanks!

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Silly Valentine's day gifts for that someone special that hopefully has a sense of humour!
You can find these 10 silly Valentine's gifts on Amazon for less than $100.

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