You’ve heard a lot about getting out of your comfort zone, am I right? Your comfort zone is where you feel in control and safe. Is staying in your comfort zone holding you back?

So why would you feel compelled or perhaps wish to get out of your comfort zone? Because being uncomfortable is crucial to your personal growth and joy. You need to do it. Getting out of that zone helps you develop your self-confidence and the way you see yourself.

Is staying in your comfort zone holding you back?

Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Remaining in your comfort zone can make you feel trapped.

Usually, staying in our comfort zone can keep us from beginning a new habit out of fear. You might wish to be more active, run a marathon, feel fewer aches and pains, or try a new activity. However, do any of these things suggest doing something that is outside of what you’re used to?

When we stay in our safe place, we are holding ourselves back from living a life we love, from being happy, and more importantly from growing. We end up letting our fears rule us and opting for a mediocre life. Why?


When you are afraid of something, remaining in your comfort zone keeps you from facing that worry.

If you’re not confident in your capabilities, you tend to remain in your lane instead of trying something brand-new. If you continue with this attitude, though, you can start to feel trapped and that, of course, is unhealthy.

You are happier when you are confident and have excellent self-esteem.

I don’t have to tell you how awesome you feel when your hair is done and you have on a fabulous outfit. Imagine feeling that way every day? When you feel confident in your appearance, you will tackle the day with determination. That includes every task you have planned for the day! When you are unhappy with the way you look you drag down your confidence, making you feel less capable and dissatisfied with your abilities.

Let’s go back to the marathon example. You wish to run a short marathon. It’s always been a dream of yours, however, you put off training and make excuses why you can’t do it. You’re too out of shape. You do not have time. You’re too old.

Maybe the reason that you hesitate to start training is that leaving your comfort zone is too hard. Or staying is too easy! As a result, you continue to eat unhealthily, gain weight, lose muscle tone, and put your dream on the back burner until ultimately, your health ends up being an issue. Perhaps that was extreme but we are trying to paint a picture!


Your comfort zone is keeping you from being more than happy.

Are you struggling with confidence and self-esteem problems? These issues can grow unless you take yourself outside of your comfort zone and begin to address them. Stepping outside your daily routine will help you to construct self-confidence in yourself and see yourself in a better light.

For example, maybe you worry about public speaking, and because of your anxiety surrounding it keeps you from taking a better job. Why? Because one of the requirements is speaking in front of others, and you could NEVER do that!

Hanging out in your little corner of the world and staying there is keeping you from realizing and accomplishing what you want out of life. Staying securely within your comfort zone keeps you from being challenged and that can limit your opportunity for change.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Remain In Your Comfort Zone.

  1. It’s keeping you from growing personally.
  2. Remaining in your comfort zone keeps you from facing your fears
  3. You suffer from fear permanently until you do face it. Who wants that?
  4. You stay away from situations that make you feel uncomfortable.


Continually being comfortable is great but it is keeping you from accomplishing and realizing what you desire in life. Staying safely within your bubble keeps you from being challenged and you may never try new things. That is not a life I want you to live!

Need some help with getting started? Check out, Easily Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone In Record Time.

Get out, experience life, and try new things. I am guilty of not challenging myself and I don’t want that for you! Learn from my mistakes! Let’s be friends so we can help each other, sign up here!

xx Crystal xx

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Staying in your comfort zone could be hurting you.  Keep reading to find out more.  We need to make ourselves uncomfortable to change.  Let me help you.

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