What are you waiting for? Your family and friends cannot get the best of you if you are not your first priority! In other words, make the first step now and join The Self-Love Crew. Fill out the form below and let’s get you on the right path.

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Start your self-love journey with the support you need to succeed. Firstly, fill out the form below!


What Is The Self-Love Crew?

When you signup for our newsletter you will automatically become a member. This comes with so many great perks! For instance, access to the Freebies Vault which contains all kinds of useful printables, courses, and ebooks. In addition, helpful tips and blog updates straight to your inbox. Does this sound fantastic?

Start your self-love journey with us!

I started this group to bring us together. For instance, I want you to feel free to ask me anything and I will try my best to get an answer for you. Everyone can use a friend and I would love to be yours. So, reach out to me with all of your questions and comments, that’s why I am here!

Begin with me today and you will enjoy lifetime access to all our best content created especially for our readers. Everything to help you put yourself first and ignore the haters!

What’s included when I join?

Free Courses

You will find access to email courses to help you realize the superstar that you are! To clarify, self-love begins from the inside out. Sometimes you need a little boost to help you realize your worth.

Free Quotes

Do you want to keep your social media feeds full of inspiration? You certainly can with our free quotes. However, you can print them and frame them for a little reminder throughout the day too if you wish. There are all kinds of great quotes to keep you on the right self-love path!

Journal Prompts

Are you writing in a journal right now? If not, I suggest you begin. Moreover, start writing in a journal today! I will help you with free journaling prompts from multiple different categories.

Plus more to come!

Do you love self-care? Do you have a list of things you love to do on a lazy Sunday?  Then you are my people and I would love to have you!  Come join The Self-Love Crew.  We have all kinds of fun here.  And just for being a member, which is FREE by the way, you receive oodles of self-care essentials!  Therefore there is nothing to loose.  Come check it out!
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This is only the beginning of the Self-Love Crew !

There are big plans for the Freebies Vault. I promise to offer all kinds of value to my readers. For instance, there will be more printables, journal prompts, affirmations and courses to come! There will be constant motivation for your self-love journey.

You will never miss an update to the Freebies Vault! I will always send out a quick email whenever I upload something new. You will be the first to know and more often than not I will send you a direct link to the updated product.

Crystal Jenkins

Crystal Jenkins Blog is up for suggestions! For example, if there is a piece of content that you are interested in that will benefit us as a group, a printable or course topic, please let me know and I may cover it. I aim to please whenever I can!

In conclusion, if self-love is a priority for you and you would like to make sure it stays that way, join us in The Self-Love Crew! Don’t forget, you gain all the perks that come along with it and everything is FREE!


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Enjoy self-care? Love a good lazy Sunday?  Then you are crew and I would love to have you!  Come join me.  We have all kinds of fun here.  And just for being a member of The Self-Love Crew, which is FREE by the way, you receive lots of self-care essentials!  So, it's a win-win.  Come see!

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